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How Much Did David Pay for the Threshing Floor?

Q. How much did David pay for the threshing floor?
A. Some fraction of 50 shekels of silver.

The verses cited as contradictory are the following:

“However, the king said to Araunah, ‘No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price, for I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God which cost me nothing.’ So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.” (NASB)
– 2 Samuel 24:24

“So David gave Ornan [another name of Araunah] 600 shekels of gold by weight for the site.” (NASB)
– 1 Chronicles 21:25

King David purchased the entire property for 600 shekels of gold. He then included 50 shekels of silver in the payment in order to buy the oxen and the threshing floor. Assuming that the threshing floor (or threshing sledges) was worth more than the oxen, probably a greater portion of the 50 shekels was expended on the threshing floor. However, we can’t be certain how many yokes of oxen were included in the package, so figuring out exactly which fraction of the 50 shekels covered the oxen and which covered the threshing floor is virtually impossible.

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  1. How much; in todays market, did King David pay for the threshing floor for the Ark?

  2. Our names are very similar. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m wondering the same thing.

  3. jesus is not the only one to assend into heaven and the men that traveled with paul heard a voice but didn’t see anyone

  4. 50 shekels of silver is about 20 ounces. Obviously the price of silver varies compared to the paper dollar, but that’s about $400 US in 2022.

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